Founded by award-winning food photographers, The Picture Pantry is one of the most respected food stock image libraries in the world.


The curated collection of imagery is cared for by a small independent team who maintain a consistent style, utilising photographs provided by some of the finest photographers in the field. To give an indication of quality standards, only 10% of those who apply to become represented, are actually accepted.


Why purchase images from us?


The Picture Pantry food stock library has been around for quite some time. In those years we have grown significantly, hand picking food photographers who can provide the style of imagery demanded by today's business and editorial clients.

Here are just some of the reasons to purchase from us:


  • The quality of the photography and styling is unique in the industry
  • The majority of imagery is exclusive to us
  • New images available every day from award winning photographers
  • Our existing clients trust us - from large corporations, such as Samsung and Yahoo!, to prestigious smaller companies supplying local markets
  • The fair pricing - simply pay for the size of image required. No subscriptions needed.
  • The ease of payment - choose an image, pay online, download immediately. If you require larger numbers of images every month, we can set up a corporate account.